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and now you are glad you came because he did not know that, did you? our next speaker is a true constitutional conservative who practices what she preaches. especially in the areas of tax reform, wasteful government spending, reducing our national debt, and repealing obamacare. [applause] she is the first republican woman to represent minnesota in the house of representatives and the first republican woman to run for president of the united states. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome michele bachmann. [applause] ♪ >> good to see you. thank you so much.
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god bless you. what a wonderful morning. good morning. thank you for that warm introduction. it is always an honor and a thrill to be back at the values voters summit. i want to say a word about this concept you have heard about because the war on women, the so-called war on women. it has about as much reliability and truthfulness as bill clinton's arithmetic. [applause] this week, as we have seen, there is a real war that is going on across the world. that is what i want to take my few moments that we have to data this morning -- i sit on the intelligence committee. we deal with the nation's classified secrets and this is a real issue.
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as we survey the political landscape today, it seems like it is deja vu all over again. we are seeing attacks on our embassy in a way we saw in the late 1970's. you would think jimmy carter was back in the white house again, would you? we are desperate for another ronald reagan. this time, i am sorry to say, it is even worse. the fires of radical islamic traditional limits -- traditionalism is not limited to one country. each week, our christian brothers and sisters from nigeria to kenya are being persecuted. when they go to church, they do not know if they will make it
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home afterwards. now the violence has come to us, the united states. on the anniversary of 911, no less. our libyan ambassador and his courageous the embassy staff lost their lives in a cool, gruesome, intentional terror attack. all the while, the response of this administration has communicated weakness and lack of resolve to the world. [applause] a top official seems incredulously convinced that the only way to curtail this crisis is to put a full frontal attack of the free-speech rights of american citizens. i want to be perfectly clear. this is not just about a movie.
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this was an intentional act that was done by radical islamists who seek to impose their beliefs on the rest of the world and we will not stand for it. [applause] no one here is suggesting that all muslims are radical. but we should not be ignorant of the objective reality that there is a very radical when of islam that is dedicated to destruction of america, israel, and israel's allies. what we are watching developed before our eyes today are the consequences of this administration's policy of appeasement across the globe. policyident's warned
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genius -- beat president's foreign policy genius is now foreign the president's policy genius is now being seen for what it is. it is important to highlight the context of what got us to this point. this did not happen out of nowhere. this goes back to the beginning of the obama administration. in the first television interview president obamas days when he was sworn end with the foreign tv network, he promised he would provide middle east peace in our time. then president obama went on his first foreign policy trip to cairo. he spurned our longtime ally, the egyptian president mubarak, by inviting the muslim brotherhood, who at that time was outlawed in egypt, to attend his speech. he gave them a front-row ticket
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to his speech in cairo when mubarak's policy was to keep the destructive muslim brotherhood at arm's length. when you hear the muslim brotherhood's mission statement, you will understand why president mubarak would want to stop the violent muslim brotherhood. this is their macho. -- mott. -- motto. dying in the way of allah is our highest goal. it was even said that jerusalem will be our capital. i want to be perfectly clear this morning. even though the democrat party had a little trouble with this last week in charlotte, north carolina, the undivided city of jerusalem is not now, nor will
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it ever be anything other than the eternal capital of israel. [cheers and applause] another factor of understanding this administration's policy of appeasement is its relationship with an organization you may have not heard of before. you should know its name. it is called the organization for islamic cooperation. so far, it has gone virtually unnoticed. it is the largest -- the second- largest printer governmental organization in the world. they have authority to represent
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all muslims, even those who live in non muslim countries like the united states. this organization published a 10 year plan of action in 2005 to implement sharia-based speech codes worldwide. listen carefully to what i am telling you right now. they had a 10 year plan of action to implement their sharia-based speech code requirement worldwide. do not take my word for it. they published this plan on their website in english so no one would miss their intent. they intend to internationally criminalize any communication or speech that is deemed by them to be insulting to islam, even in countries like the united states. that explains the story of this week.
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islamic-enforced speech codes. no one, not muslims, not americans are allowed to say anything islamists see as insulting to their religion. they intend to force us to kiss our freedom of speech and religion goodbye, and that is why we are being forewarned today. [applause] unbelievable, last december, they succeeded with president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton's help. they pushed through the united nations the passage of u.n. resolution 1618, which called upon all countries to enact laws that prohibited derogatory maintenance of islam, which prohibit our freedom of speech.
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they urged our white house to do a complete purge of any federal training material from references to the ideology of its lime to ensure that all trainers in our u.s. mint -- ideology of islam to be sure that our trainers in our u.s. military be retrains so that they would be brainwashed in political correctness toward islam and enforce islamic speech codes here in the united states. all done with the help of our president and secretary of state. it took only days for the obama administration to reply to the letter promising to set up a task force to immediately begin this unprecedented purge of our counterterrorism training in every federal agency across the board. it is breathtaking. never been done before. when members of congress started
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to ask questions about the identity of who these people were who were leading the spurs in our government and what it was they were purging from our training material, the obamas -- obama administration told us the information was classified. we could not know who was behind this. we are now today is very late in the game. we are quickly losing our sense of who we are as a nation and we are losing our ability to identify our radical islamist in. it is time for us to stand this week for our freedom and our values and draw the an unmistakable red line for our enemies across the world. [cheers and applause] in light of the attacks this week on our embassy in cairo, we
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need to tell the muslim brotherhood controlled government in egypt, if you continue to influence sentiment against the united states, we will immediately put an end to the united states taxpayer gravy train we are sending your way. [cheers and applause] it starts with the $1.50 billion we sent in aid and the $1 billion in loan forgiveness and the $5 billion international monetary loan program we are backing. we need to stop the upcoming state to visit president obama agreed to to welcome egyptian president morsi into the white house. we need to cancel the planned joint military operation we planned with the egyptian
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military. janet napolitano needs to stop granting visas to members of u.s.-designated foreign terror organizations. we are granting them peace us -- visas so they can be escorted through the white house to meet our president's foreign security staff, including the mastermind of the 1993 world trade center bombing. you would think this is a novel you are reading, not reality. president obama needs to get his priorities straight. he needs to cancel his interview with david letterman, canceled his meeting with beyonce and agree to meet with the -- cancel
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his meeting with beyonce and agree to meet with the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu. [cheers and applause] america and israel have a commonality of interests. too many lives have been given to sacrifice our freedom of speech and freedom of religion. and what we stand for here in the united states. of our forefathers sacrificed so much for us. we owe it to our posterity to continue to stand for freedom, for liberty, for justice, for righteousness, fortress. as we consider our way forward, -- for liberty, for justice, for righteousness, for truth.
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if you know your enemy and you know yourself, you will not fear 100 battles. this administration has virtually outlawed understanding who the enemy is. the president seems insistence on apologizing for who we are as americans. i am no master war strategist. but i know enough that if we refuse to acknowledge to the enemy is and we shame americans for standing up for who we are, president obama is following a strategy of complete defeat. this is not a new battle for america. we learned in the first international war we face as a new country that appeasement does not work. it was in the early days of the new republic when the government was paying extortion rise to people in north africa and the barbary states and try to stop
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them from attacking our ships and taking people and making them slaves. 1/6 of our u.s. budget at that time was going to pay these extortion price. along came thomas jefferson, the first democratic president in 18 01. he decided we were going to -- in 1801. he said nothing would stop the demand of these pilots -- pirates. it will be more economical to use the same means at once. he built the navy and deployed that american navy to the enemy. our troops were victorious and the message to the world was clear. we will not tolerate attacks on our citizens or our sovereignty and you do so at your own peril. [cheers and applause]
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it was thomas jefferson's policy of strength and determination in complete contrast to the policy of the obama administration of apology and appeasement that has been our american tradition of foreign policy. all political parties, democrats and republicans ever since. where has that american spirit gone? where are the travis' at the alamo who told the enemy, here and no further? where are the generals like washington and grant and sherman who understood that victory is the only goal of war because they understood the terrible consequences of defeat. i am reminded of general macarthur, who led troops across the pacific in the face of severe military aggression. in his speech to the cadets at west point, he told those young
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warriors, the long gray line has never failed us. a million ghosts in all of drab khaki willkathy -- rise and shout those honorable words, duty, honor. we need to remember this gift of freedom and liberty given to us who have gone before. we need to live those three words that they are echoing through the pages of history down to us today through history, through duty, through honor, and through country. let's make sure that with everything with an us that we lay it on the line in the next three days. it is my belief and my opinion that barack obama has been the most dangerous precedent we have
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ever had on american foreign policy. [cheers and applause] we cannot sustain another four years of jimmy carter-life policies. you see, -- we cannot sustain another four years of jimmy carter-like policies. look at your hands and looked at my own. it is our hands that will determine -- look at your hands and look at my own. it is our hands that will determine the future. i believe we are worthy of the task. and nothing but the memory of the fallen should guide us. god bless us now. god plus us in the future. gob bless us in the moment when we make all decisions about the
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future. in his mighty name we pray about the future of america. >> we can keep investing in the wind and solar and clean coal. our construction workers can build homes and factories that waste less affinity and retrofit old buildings. >> i will take advantage of our oil, our coal, our gas, our nuclear. north america will be in the independent within 8 years. >> whites and engaged with c- span as the president campaigns -- watch and engage with c-span as the presidential campaign moves toward the october debates. foreign policy is the focus of the final debate on october 22. the presidential -- the vice presidential candidates' debate
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on october 11. -- candidates debate on october 11. >> i like c-span because they bring us the news in an unfiltered manner. i watch whatever is going on on c-span and i do not have to worry about some supposed expert trying to tell me what i should think about it. this is a chance to make your own opinion about what is going on. some lean to the left and some lean to the right and some go down the middle. you know what is said and you can make your own opinion about what is happening. >> he watches c-span on comcast'. c-span is brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >> let's look at what the
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emancipation proclamation at said. if freed since late people in those states or parts of states still in rebellion on january 1, 1863. it did not freak everybody, just those states or parts of states still in rebellion. there were several places in louisiana where several still existed. the union army did not have control of that area. there were parts of virginia with the union army had a foothold. slavery still existed in those areas. >> president lincoln presented an early version of the emancipation proclamation. this weekend, also is an historians take your questions on the battle and repercussions of the single bloodiest day of fighting in american history. at noon eastern on c-span 3.
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>> president obama called the men who were killed and the consulate attack patriots. the president, vice president biden, secretary of state clinton, and dickens secretary panetta attended the transfer of remains of the victims had andrews air force base. this is 35 minutes.
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♪ >> let us pause for a moment of silence. let us pray.
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gracious god, on behalf of a grateful nation and in the presence of grieving family members and colleagues, we welcome home for the final time ambassador chris stevens, sean smith, glen doherty, and tyrone woods. we give you thanks for the lives and the service of these men who wanted nothing more than to make a difference in the lives of other people. to bring justice and freedom to others, who possessed not only character and resolve, but courage and good will. we mourn their loss. bless the memories of these men through those who knew and loved them, especially their families, for whom we ask your comfort, your divine care, and your piece in this difficult time. on this occasion, we continue to pray for our nation and its
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leaders. we asked your blessing on all who served on the military and civilian. we pray for our nation's people. we pray for the defeat of the terror and evil that seems to plague our planet. we pray earnestly for peace. creator of all, let's like perpetual shine upon chris, sean, glen, and tyrone. amen. you may be seated. ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present to you the secretary of state, hillary clinton.
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>> thank you very much, a chaplain. mr. president, mr. vice president, secretary panetta, family members, members of the state department family, ladies and gentlemen, today, we bring home four americans who gave their lives for our country and our values. to the families of our fallen colleagues, i offer our most heartfelt condolences and deepest gratitude. sean smith joined the state department after six years in
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the air force. he was respected as an expert on technology by colleagues in baghdad, montreal, and the hague. he enrolled in correspondence courses at penn state and had high hopes for the future. sean leaves behind a loving wife, heather, two young children, and scores of grieving family, friends, and colleagues. that is just in this world. online, in the virtual world that he helped to create, he is also being mourned by countless
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competitors, collaborators, and gamerse who shared his passion. tyrone woods, is known to most as rone, spent two decades as a navy seal, serving multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan. since 2010, he protected american diplomatic personnel in dangerous posts from central america to the middle east. he had the hands of a healer as well as the arms of a warrior. earning distinction as a registered nurse and certified paramedic. our hearts go out to to his wife and his three sons. along with his grieving family, friends, and colleagues.
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glen doherty was also a former seal and an experienced paramedic. he died protecting his colleagues. he was employed to some of the most dangerous places on earth, including iraq and afghanistan, always putting his life on to safeguard other americans. our thoughts and prayers are with his father, his mother, his brother, and sister, and their grieving families, friends, and colleagues. i was honored to know ambassador chris stevens.
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i want to thank his parents and siblings who are here today for sharing chris with us and with their country. what a wonderful gift you gave us. over his distinguished career in the foreign service, he won friends to the united states in far-flung places. he made those people's hopes his own. during the revolution in libya, he risked his life to help protect the libyan people from a tyrant. he gave his life helping them build a better country. people loved to work with him. as he rose through the ranks, they loved to work forehand. he was known not only for his
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courage, but for his smile. goofy, but contagious. for his sense of fun and that california cool. in the days since the attack, so many libyans, including the ambassador, who is with us today, have expressed their sorrow and solidarity. one young woman, her head covered and her eyes haunted with sadness, held up a handwritten sign that said "thugs and killers do not represent a benghazi or islam." the president of the palestinian authority, who worked closely with chris sent me a letter of remembering his energy and integrity and deploring "an act of ugly terror." many others from across the middle east and africa have
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offered similar sentiments. this has been a difficult week for the state department's and for our country. we have seen the heavy assault on our post in benghazi bad took lives of those brave men. we have seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do it. it is hard for the american people to make sense of that because it is senseless. it is totally unacceptable. the people of egypt, libya, yemen, and tunisia did not trade the tyranny of the dictator for the tyranny of a mob. reasonable people and responsible leaders in these countries need to do everything they can to restore security and hold accountable those
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behind these violent acts. we will, under the president's leadership, keep taking steps to protect our personnel around the world. there will be more difficult days ahead, but it is important that we do not decide of the fundamental fact that america must keep leading the world. we owe it to those four men to continue the long, hard work of diplomacy. i am enormously proud of the men and women of the state department. i am proud of all those across our government, civilian and military ally, who represented erech of broad. -- who represent america abroad.
6:41 am
if the last few days teach us anything, let it be this. this worked, and the men and women who risked their lives to do it, or at the heart of what makes america great and good. we will wipe away our tears, stiffen our spine, and face the future undaunted. and we will do it together. protecting and helping one another, it just like sean, tyrone, glen, and chris always did.
6:42 am
may god bless them and grant their families peace and solace. may god continue to bless the united states of america. let's we have a great honor of the injured -- let me have a great honor of introducing someone who came to the state department earlier this week to grieve with us. he understands and values the work that these men were doing for our country. the president of the united states. >> the scripture teaches us greater love hath no man than
6:43 am
this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. glen doherty never shied from adventure. he believed he could make a difference. he served with distinction in iraq and afghanistan. in benghazi, he laid down his life. today, glen is home. tyrone woods devoted 20 years of his life to the seals. the quiet professional. rone also served in iraq and afghanistan.
6:44 am
in benghazi, he was far from dorothy and tyrone jr. and he laid down his life, protecting his friends. today, he is home. sean smith live to serve, first in the air force and then at the state department. he knew the perils of his calling from his time in baghdad. in benghazi, he surely thought of his children and he laid down his life for us all. today, sean is home. chris stevens was everything america could want in an
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ambassador, as the whole country has come to see. a first went to the region with a young man in the peace corps during the revolution. he arrived on that cargo ship. he believed in libya and his people and they loved him back. in benghazi, he laid down his life for his friends. , libyan and american and for us all. today, chris is home. 4 americans, four patriots. they loved this country. they chose to serve its and served it -- serve it and served it well. they had a mission and they believe in it. they knew the danger and they
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accepted it. they did not simply embrace the american ideal, they lift it -- lived it, they embody it, courage, the whole, the idealism. a fundamental american belief that we can leave this world a little better than before. that is who they were and that is who we are. we want to truly honored their memory. it is who we must always be. i know that this awful loss has terrible images of recent days. there are pictures we are seeing again today. there is no doubt these are difficult days. in moments such as this, so much anger, violence, even the most
6:47 am
hopeful among us must wonder. amid all the images of this week, i also think of libyans who took to the streets with homemade signs stressing their gratitude to an american who believed in what we can achieve together. i see the man in benghazi with his sign in english. it said, chris stevens was a friend to all libyans. chris stevens was a friend. that is the message these four patriots since. that is the message each of you ds every day, civilians, military, to people in every corner of the world. america is a friend who cares not just about our own country, not just about our own interests, about there is.
6:48 am
even as voices of suspicion and mistrust seek to divide, the united states of america will never retreat from the world. we will never stop working for the dignity and freedom that everyone deserves, whatever their creed, whatever their faith. that is the essence of american leadership. that is the freedom the best spirit that sets us apart. this was the work in benghazi and this is the work we will carry on. to you, their families and colleagues, to all americans, know this. their sacrifice will never be forgotten. we will bring to justice those who took them from us.
6:49 am
we will stand fast against violence on our diplomatic missions. we will continue to do everything in our power to protect americans serving overseas, whether that means increasing security at our diplomatic posts, working with countries who have an obligation to provide security, and making clear that justice will come to those who harm americans. most of all, in our grief, we will be resolute. we are americans. we hold our head high. , knowing that because of these paiots, because of you, this country we love for always shine a light onto the world. great love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
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the flag they served under now carries them home. god bless the memory of these men who laid down their lives for us all. may god was over their families and all who love them and made god bless these united states of america. >> before our benediction, we will stand together for the playing of the national anthem as we render honor to the nation that these men loved and for which they died.
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[nation anthem plays]
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>> let us pray. almighty god, creature of us all and lover of the human race. we commend to you our brothers chris, sean, glen and tyrone. to your merciful hands receive them. deliver them from all here, stand them in your presence and
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give them peace. amen. ["america the beautiful" plays]
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♪ [drum roll]
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>> and the less than three weeks, the first of the presidential debates. watch and engage. next, live your calls and comments on "washington journal ." then a discussion on the exploration of mars. >> i think people really like to see where politicians' views have shifted over the years. people like to see whether mitt romney in 1994 was campaigning for welfare reform, against welfare reform, for abortion. he wants to see what he was doing in 2007. people like to see how these politicians have devolved. there is an element that is a
6:59 am
gotcha element. there is also an element where people are like, this is incredibly interesting. >> i tried to think why it is that he has changed so often, why is it he finds is so typical to come down on one side of an issue instead of both sides. >> does it help there is a governor named rod blagojevich if your name is barack obama? >> he is a trailblazer and a hero of mine. >> it is the heart of the interview. ."re on's "q & a >> the national journal correspondent looks at the reaction to the deaths of the

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